Network Marketing Tips – The 80-20 Rule And Loyalty

All that someone ever knows about multi-level marketing or network marketing tips is to build a network of people. Some people talk of connecting to people, but the story is all about recruiting people to your down-line. The more people you add to your down-line, the better it would be for you.

Yet, one of the unsaid rules in network marketing circles is the 80-20 rule. Now, I have different interpretations to this rule, but the one that speaks closely to network marketing tips is that 80% of your business or sales would really come from the 20% of your network. This 20% of your network is essential to your success.

It is this 20% people who are really committed to build a name to your network. What I wish to say is — If you can focus on this 20% and focus really hard, you would find that earning money through network marketing is not a tough deal. Motivating this 20% of your network with frequent freebies is going to be the most important thing for you. Another point to be noted is — Most of this 20% workforce is self-motivated, so doling out discounts is not a big thing to do. The point though is that by you doing so, you would give the message to your network that you want to do something for them.

Now, does that really mean you ignore the 80% workforce? Remember one thing — The 80% workforce is probably going to be with you for at the most a week or so. Also remember that it is these guys that your competitors are looking out for, to snap in some quick sales. One of the best network marketing tips I could offer you is this — Make sure you don’t let go of the 20% of your team, as they would be the ones that will fetch you the numbers. At the same time, tapping the 80% and their resources is equally important.

Customer loyalty is another thing that a lot of multi-level marketing companies should focus on. The reason this is so important is because there are many networking companies around, and all of them have something or the other exciting to offer. In such a scenario, customer loyalty is the all important winning point, something no network marketer can afford to ignore.

The world has changed. Now, when you don’t find something to your liking coming through in a store, you may want to change the store. If you don’t have something to offer to your customers, the chances are that they would move shop. My tip for you then is — Make sure that you keep evolving in the products or services you offer to your customers. That is the only way how you would maintain customer loyalty.

In terms of network marketing tips, the 80-20 rule and customer loyalty are the two most important things any network marketer should consider to be implemented.

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