The Basics of Stay at Home Employment

When writing or speaking to others about stay at home employment, I get a lot of questions about which system I use, or what is my approach. There are a lot of directions I take, but fundamentally these directions have to come from within. For me, honesty, willingness, courage, and self discipline are all underlying principles for me.Honesty – The first thing you have to do is be honest. Honestly ask yourself if you can do it. For most people it is a quick yes or no and that’s that. Making the choice to work at home is a big decision; you can’t afford to be rash. When being honest about things, you need to look at the different angles, put yourself into different scenarios, and “see the big picture.” When you have done these types of things, you can know in your heart that you have came up with an honest answer.Willingness – So having honestly asked yourself and came up with an answer, you next have to be willing to make stay at home employment work for you. It takes willingness for anything you do. Getting up out of the bed in the morning requires willingness. Willingness leads to action. But, procrastination can be a big road block. However, I have found when I become willing and begin to take action, the action takes care of my sloth. Without willingness there will be no action, and without action stay at home employment will not work for you.Courage – By nature, humans are creatures of habit. Think about the first thing you do when you get out of bed every morning. Chances are it’s the same thing. It takes courage to step out away from the crowd. Most of us have spent our professional lives being tied to someone else’s business. Have you? Many of today’s stay at home employment opportunities afford you the right to be who you want to be in the whole business scheme of things. Look at any key figure who has ever made it into the history books and think about how courage played a big part.Self Discipline – Probably the most important principle of stay at home employment you must have is self-discipline. Remember, you are not working on anyone’s clock anymore. It’s up to you to set tasks and goals, and meet them. Self-discipline doesn’t just happen, it comes over time. People who run marathons do not run 26 miles the first time they train. They start slow and it is through self-discipline they reach their goal. It’s the same way with stay at home employment, you have to work to reach your goals.Each principle can stand alone, but the most success with stay at home employment will be when you are able to use them all together. Do you see how it takes willingness to first be honest? Or takes courage to be self-disciplined? I have a suggestion for you: Get out a sheet of paper, write down the principles and see what they mean to you. Notice I said write. Don’t just think about them, write about them. This will give you something tangible to use as you begin to learn what the basics of stay at home employment mean to you.

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