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15 Fitness Tips to Save Years of Frustration in the Gym

(1) Engage your core muscles when exercising and in all Activities of Daily Living.

(2) Picture the Muscle. Visualize the muscle working with each repetition when exercising.

(3) In the gym, it’s quality not quantity. Hit it hard, and get out!

(4) When doing a squat, bend at the hips, not the waist.

(5) To stimulate muscle fibers, you must use proper form and technique to get the best muscle contraction.

(6) When using weight machines in the gym, the stabilizing muscles are not being engaged fully. Free weights and body weight exercises are preferable.

(7) A warm-up should raise the heart rate and get the blood flowing to the muscles. However, don’t turn the warm-up into a mini workout. Keep it 6 to 8 minutes.

(8) Combine anaerobic and aerobic conditioning by using circuit training, performing a variety of exercises in succession without rest starting with a multi-joint combination lift such as the dead lift, squat, or clean and press.

(9) A well rounded fitness program will include resistance training, cardio conditioning, flexibility, balance and stability training, and good nutrition.

(10) Don’t ignore the legs. For a well balanced physique, you must train all of the major muscle groups.

(11) To achieve results in the gym, the body must be exposed to stresses that it is not used to. This is called the “overload principle”.

(12) Adaptation (increases in strength and conditioning) take place as a result of high intensity workouts and time for recovery.

(13) Practice deep breathing on a daily basis. Inhale slowly but deeply, filling the lungs with oxygen while raising the arms overhead, then exhale slowly while bringing the arms back down. Do several repetitions.

(14) After an intense workout, your body is ready to absorb nutrients. Drink water or sports drink and eat a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein within 30-60 minutes.

(15) You can save yourself years of frustration in the gym if you find a qualified personal fitness trainer to teach you form, technique, and intensity.